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Terms of Use Agreement

This Agreement between Lormar Logic Company, a State of Tennessee Company, hereafter referred to as the Company, and the original purchaser, and/or ANY user, including complementary users, of Lormar Logic's Instant TTY(tm) and Lormar's Internet TTY(tm), hereafter referred to as Lormar ITTY(tm), their heirs and assigns, hereby collectively referred to as the Customer, gives the Customer and the Company certain finite rights and responsibilities as set forth below: Complimentary service given as part of a device sales promotion shall only be applicable to customers who establish new wireless service at the time of device purchase. In cases where Customer purchases services from the Company, or the Company's authorized reseller 2CheckOut.com, then Company or reseller shall charge the Customer's credit card for Lormar ITTY(tm) service according to the following schedule: a) six U.S. dollars ($6.00) per month (plus a $20 sign-up fee), b) twenty-nine and 95/100 U.S. dollars ($29.95) per six (6) month period (plus a $15 sign-up fee), or c) fifty-four U.S. dollars ($54.00) per 12 month period (plus a $10 sign-up fee), as applicable, billed in advance. This fee is non-refundable and is re-billed automaticaly on the one (1) month, six (6) month, or one (1) year anniversary of the Customer's initial purchase, as applicable. If the Customer does not wish to renew the contract, Customer must inform Company PRIOR to the anniversary date by sending an email to CustomerService (AT) LormarLogic.com stating that Customer wishes to cancel this Contract on the anniversary date. Dishonored, cancelled, or otherwise unbillable credit cards may result in suspension and/or cancellation of Customer's account, at Company's option, on the applicable anniversary date. A reinstatement fee, in addition to the membership fee, may apply. For customers sending checks or money orders directly to Company in lieu of credit card payments, the check or money order must be received by Company prior to the anniversary date or the Customers account may be suspended or cancelled at Company's option. A reinstatement fee, in addition to the membership fee, may apply. ITTY may ONLY be used in the United States. ALL calls are free-of-charge. Any and all calls which include a fee by the call recipient or any third party, inlcuding 900 number calls, are strictly prohibited. ITTY(tm) includes access by one (1) instant messaging screen name. The Customer is free to cancel Lormar ITTY(tm) service at any time; however, all fees are non-refundable. Since Lormar ITTY(tm) interacts with and is dependent upon the systems of other, unrelated service providers, message delivery and/or delivery time is not guaranteed. Customer shall not use Lormar ITTY(tm) for any illegal purpose(s), as defined by federal, state, and local statute. Customer shall be strictly forbidden from bartering or reselling Lormar ITTY(tm) services. Lormar may, at is sole discretion and without warning, discontinue Lormar ITTY(tm). Users of Lormar ITTY(tm) may be solicited for other related services. LORMAR LOGIC COMPANY MAKES NO WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND WITH REGARD TO LORMAR LOGIC ITTY(tm) MESSAGE SERVICE, WHETHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. LORMAR LOGIC COMPANY SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIMS THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MECHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. LORMAR LOGIC COMPANY SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, WHETHER BASED ON CONTRACT, TORT, OR ANY OTHER LEGAL THEORY, IN CONNECTION WITH THE FURNISHING OF LORMAR LOGIC ITTY(tm) COMMUNICATION SERVICES. Customer agrees that any legal dispute arising from the purchase or use of LORMAR LOGIC ITTY(tm) COMMUNICATION SERVICES shall fall solely within the jurisdiction of the State of Tennessee, USA. If any portion of this Agreement is deemed contrary to statute, or is otherwise unenforceable for any reason, all remaining portions shall remain in effect unchanged. If the Company fails to exercise any of its rights hereunder, then this in no way shall affect Company's right to exercise these rights now or in the future. Customer agrees to the terms of Lormar's Privacy Policy found at www.lormarlogic.com/privacy.htm. By using this service, Customer acknowledges that they have read this Agreement, understand this Agreement, and agree to the terms of this Agreement. This constitutes the sole agreement between the Company and the Customer.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Department if you have any questions.

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