December 1st, 2003 Press Release

Lormar Logic Company Adds Additional Wireless TTY and Relay Operator Functionality, Signs Call Routing Agreement


KNOXVILLE, Tennessee – December 1, 2003 – Lormar Logic Company, a Tennessee-based company that specializes in telecommunication solutions for the deaf and hard-of-hearing, today announced the latest release in its wireless TTY and Relay Operator suite of services: toll-free voice-to-mobile calling for the deaf. Also announced was the recent signing of a related sales agreement with Hamilton Relay, Inc. of Aurora, Nebraska for mobile TRS (telecommunications relay services) call traffic.

“These recent developments significantly benefit the deaf community and illustrate Lormar’s commitment to equal access for the deaf through the development of unique, state-of-the-art telecommunication solutions,” said Jon B. Sharpe, president of Lormar. “Lormar’s Internet-based, real-time mobile TTY system is compatible with at least 5 national wireless networks and at least 40 digital mobile devices right off the shelf. That’s unprecedented.”

Lormar’s latest release adds additional functionality to TRS Relay Operators, a service mandated by federal statute. This service is free to the user and is funded by the Universal Service Fund, which collects fees from all telecommunications users. Coincident with this service release is Lormar’s announcement of the agreement with Hamilton Relay, Inc. to provide all TRS services for Lormar’s users. “This agreement is big news for pager and relay users. With this alliance, they can now make relay calls and receive voice calls on their mobile device free-of-charge. And it’s good for Hamilton, because now they become the only common carrier in the U.S. to offer mobile TRS,” said Sharpe.

Lormar’s other telecommunication solutions for the deaf and hard-of-hearing include mobile text-to-voice calling, mobile text-to-TTY (text telephone) calling, and TTY-to-mobile text calling. These services may be accessed through Lormar’s specialized web pages over wireless HTML or WAP web browsers or through popular instant messaging programs, and both English and Spanish portals are available for each service.

About Hamilton Relay, Inc.

Hamilton Relay, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hamilton Telecommunications, Inc. In business for over 100 years, Hamilton Telecommunications is a diversified telecommunications service provider based in Aurora, Nebraska, offering phone, long distance, Internet, and cable television services. Additional information about Hamilton Relay, Inc. may be found at www.hamilton.net/relay.

About Lormar Logic

Since 2000, Lormar Logic’s telecommunications services have placed tens of thousands of wireless phone calls for the deaf in the continental United States and Puerto Rico. Using Lormar Logic, the deaf can place and receive real-time mobile phone calls to and from hearing people and other deaf people virtually anywhere in the country. Lormar was the first company to create a device-generic mobile TTY solution and remains the only company that can place a real-time TTY call from the most popular mobile device within the deaf community, the Sidekick by T-Mobile USA, Inc. Additional information about Lormar Logic may be found at www.LormarLogic.com.


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