July 15th, 2005 Press Release

Lormar Logic Company Receives TDI Engineering Award


KNOXVILLE, Tennessee – July 15, 2005 – Lormar Logic Company, a Tennessee-based telecommunications engineering and service company specializing in wireless telecommunication solutions for the deaf and hard-of-hearing, today announced that it had been awarded the Andrew Saks Engineering Award by the TDI organization on July 13, 2005, at TDI’s 16th Biennial International Conference in New Orleans. TDI is an international advocacy group for the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities dedicated to equal telecommunications access and closed-captioning issues. The Saks Award is given every two years, “In recognition of outstanding contributions to improving accessibility to telecommunications and media in the United States through efforts in design, electronics, or engineering,” according to TDI.

Lormar Logic received the award for its work in the area of deaf wireless communications, including its systems that allow the deaf to use cellular phones and personal digital assistants to place and receive text-based real-time calls to other deaf persons who have TDD/TTY’s or to hearing persons through the federally mandated Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS). Lormar Logic Company’s achievements in the area of wireless communications for the deaf include the first introduction of instant messenger systems for the handling of wireless calls for the deaf, and the first universal wireless TRS service available in the United States without additional equipment or software. The Universal Service Fund, under the Telecommunications Act of 1996, funds this service, making it free to the user from any Internet cellular phone.

Jon B. Sharpe, president and principal engineer, received the award on behalf of Lormar Logic. The award was shared with America Online, Inc., provider of the widely popular AOL Instant Messenger system.

“We are very excited and proud to be receiving this award and to be sharing it with a company as prestigious as America Online. Access to wireless telecommunications for the deaf has improved significantly over the last five years, coincident with the development of Internet cellular phones, but we have a way to go before access is truly equal,” said Jon B. Sharpe, president of Lormar. “I think in the coming years we will see other advancements in deaf telecommunications, specifically in the areas of wireless video and voice recognition. We intend to be part of that.”

About Lormar Logic

Since 2000, Lormar Logic’s telecommunications services have placed more than a half-million wireless phone calls for the deaf in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada. Using Lormar Logic, the deaf can place and receive real-time mobile phone calls to and from hearing people and other deaf people virtually anywhere in the country. Additional information about Lormar Logic may be found at www.lormarlogic.com. Additional information about TDI, the TDI Conference, or the Andrew Saks Engineering Award may be found at www.tdi-online.org.


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