March 14th, 2003 Press Release

Lormar Logic Company Releases Lormar Internet TTY™ just prior to CTIA Wireless 2003 Show in New Orleans


KNOXVILLE, Tennessee – March 14, 2003 – Lormar Logic Company, a Tennessee-based software company that specializes in telecommunication solutions for the deaf and hard-of-hearing (D/HH) today announced the release of its revolutionary Lormar Internet TTY™ system. This system allows anyone with an Internet html web browser to place real-time tty phone calls to any tty number within the continental United States. TTY’s are the text-telephones used by the (D/HH) community.

“The timing of the release is not a coincidence,” says Jon B. Sharpe, president of Lormar. “The CTIA Wireless 2003 show starts on March 17th in New Orleans with a seminar on disability access. We think this is the perfect time to roll out this new service. Anyone with a wireless web browser, be it on a digital phone, PDA, or whatever, will be able to place tty phone calls. At a time when wireless manufacturers and service providers are scrambling to make their products compatible with tty’s, this release could have an impact on everyone involved in deaf telecommunications.”

Compatible web-enabled wireless devices include many units from Research In Motion, Ltd and the Sidekick™ by T-Mobile, Inc. (Danger, Inc.’s Hiptop™), as well as PDA’s from Palm™ and Compaq™.

Sharpe also noted, “While this service is similar to IP Relay from Sprint, AT&T, or MCI, those services can only be used for Relay Operator calls, not calls to tty’s.”

As an aside to the product development, it became clear that this new service has other benefits as well: offices, hotel, and other public facilities who have Internet access will have immediate access to a tty without the purchase of new equipment or software, which may ease the burden of compliance to the Americans With Disabilities Act. Also, because the call recipient could be in a different city from the person placing the call. Lormar has virtually overnight become a reseller of long distance services.

Lormar’s other products include Logical TTY™ software and Lormar Wireless TTY Messaging™, currently used by deaf consumers in forty states. With Lormar Wireless TTY Messaging™, a link is provided between 2-way pagers (wireless e-mail devices) and tty’s. This email-based system, while slower than Internet TTY™, is compatible with any wireless email device, including units by Motorola, Inc., Danger, Inc., Research-in-Motion, Ltd., and many digital phones. Access to Relay Operators, a federally mandated system for providing a link between the hearing and D/HH communities, is included.

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